Token Migration Procedure

Migration Web Application

Using Migration Web Application for token migration.

Migration Procedure

The following screen will appear after agreeing to the disclaimer and connecting your C2X Station. Check If the shown address under “Terra Classic” is correct, and please copy and paste your XPLA Vault or C2X Station’s address under “XPLA”.

Click “Next” once checking both blanks are filled with correct addresses to proceed to the next step.

Here, you can pick the type of migration you wish to undertake. If you wish to migrate everything at once, please click “Migrate All”. Or, if you wish to take some time and only migrate some at a time, please click “Migrate by your choice”.

In “Migrate All”, you can view all of the CTX you currently hold in your C2X Station. You can migrate all of your CTX to XPLA chain at once by clicking “Migrate”.

On the other hand, if you wish to migrate some of your assets first, click “Migrate by your choice” and the following screen with tick boxes will appear to the left of all of the assets you own in your C2X Station. Here, you can manually pick which assets and how many of them to migrate over to the XPLA chain. If you change your mind and wish to migrate everything at once, you can also do it here by clicking the button “Max”.

After deciding on which tokens and how many of them to migrate, click “Next” to review and double check before executing the migration.

If everything is correct, click “Migrate”. To finalize the migration procedure, please open your C2X Station and enter the correct password and you’re all set!

Please migrate all your assets in your C2X Station to XPLA chain when you can because it can become quite troublesome to enjoy everything what XPLA has to offer without appropriate tokens. We’re only getting started so stay tuned as we revolutionize the gaming space.