About Venly


Venly stands out as a cutting-edge developer platform, designed to streamline digital asset management and foster the creation of innovative blockchain solutions. Known for its exceptional performance and strong security features, Venly’s non-custodian model ensures you retain complete ownership and control of your assets, distinguishing it from other platforms.

At Venly, our core principles guide our commitment to you:

  • Security First: We prioritize the highest level of security for your assets and operations.
  • Developer-Centric: Our intuitive tools and resources are designed to empower developers to achieve success.
  • Optimal Performance: We guarantee consistent high performance with a focus on efficiency and reliability.
  • Innovation: We are dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions, staying at the forefront of technology.

The Venly platform is anchored by three main pillars: Digital Wallets, Digital Assets, and Payments, each seamlessly integrated to enhance your blockchain experience.

Venly Tools
├── Digital Wallets: Secure & scalable SSS-based wallets.
├── Digital Assets: API solutions for digital assets.
├── Payments: Customizable payment forms for fiat.
├── Gaming SDK:
│    │
│    ├── Unity: C# SDK
│    │
│    └── Unreal Engine: C++ SDK
└── Integrations:
    ├── Zapier: no-code NFT minting with zaps.
    ├── Shopify: Selling NFTs made easy.
    └── SiteManager: Create mint pages in minutes, all no-code.

Digital Wallets

Secure and scalable SSS-based wallets with robust key management custody digital assets. The Venly security protocol redefines private key security, never gathering a private key as one whole, eliminating risk. Venly customers use our wallets for a range of operations, such as treasury, trading, cold storage, royalties, NFTs, smart contracts, user wallets, and other digital assets.

Digital Assets

Robust tokenization is based on industry standards and is secured by several code and security audits. Our platform facilitates no-code and API solutions to manage, transfer, and gather information on different token asset classes, such as ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155, which our customers use in industries such as Finance, E-commerce, and Gaming.


With PAY, our platform offers a low-code payment integration that creates a customizable form for collecting payments. You can embed Pay directly on your website or redirect customers to a hosted payment page. It offers a wide range of payment methods, from credit cards to PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, instant bank transfers, and more, enabling customers to choose their preferred option.

Product Specific Documentation

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Venly - XPLA

Venly supports the XPLA chain on its Wallet API which allows you to create wallets on the XPLA chain. You can send and receive funds to/from XPLA wallets directly through the Wallet API, enabling seamless integration with applications using the XPLA blockchain.

Read the next guide to learn how to create and manage XPLA wallets with the Wallet API.