Which Tools to Use

There are a variety of tools in the XPLA Chain Development Suite. Use this guide to find the right tool for your project.

If you are new to XPLA Chain, start with the beginner’s guide.

XPLA Chain Development Suite
├── xpla.js: JavaScript SDK.
├── Wallet Provider: React tooling for frontend integrations.
└── Other tools
    ├── xplad: Node daemon and CLI.
    ├── XPLA Explorer: Block explorer.
    └── Faucet: Get testnet funds.


Use xpla.js to create bots, mint NFTs, and build out backend services. Follow the xpla.js tutorial to get started.

Wallet Provider and Templates

Wallet Provider makes it easy to connect a React-based web app to XPLA Vault. Follow the Wallet Provider tutorial to get started.

Other Tools

Use these tools to interact with the XPLA Chain.


The command line interface and node daemon for interacting with the XPLA Chain. Use xplad to run a full node or interact with the chain. Follow the xplad install guide to get started.

XPLA Explorer

XPLA Chain’s multi-purpose block explorer.


Get tokens sent to your testnet address using the Faucet.