Mobile Vault

XPLA mobile vault is an application that enables users to interact with XPLA Chain Core.

XPLA mobile vault allows users to:

  • Create vaults and send tokens
  • Get involved with staking by browsing through validator information and delegating XPLA tokens.
  • Use QRCodes for easy interactions when sending assets and recovering vaults

URL Scheme

XPLA mobile vault includes a custom URL Scheme that lets developers trigger different actions in the app.

These URL handlers can be opened by scanning a QR code or opening the link directly.


The send function allows a user to send a specified amount of funds to a recipient. This function can be used to accept payment for goods and other point-of-sale configurations.


xplavault://send/?payload=${base64 json}

Payload Format

addressXPLA Chain address to send funds to
tokenNative token denom or cw20 contract address✔️
amountAmount of tokens in micro format
memoSpecific memo to include with the transaction



  "address": "xpla1dcegyrekltswvyy0xy69ydgxn9x8x32zdtapd8",
  "token": "axpla",
  "amount": "250000",
  "memo": "Order #1122"

Base64 encoded payload:


Full URL with encoded payload: