Start the Light Client Daemon (LCD)

The light client daemon (LCD) provides a REST-based adapter for the RPC endpoints, which also helps for decoding the Amino-encoded blockchain data into parseable JSON. This enables apps to communicate with a node through simple HTTP.

To enable the REST API and Swagger, and to start the LCD, complete the following steps:

  1. Open ~/.xpla/config/app.toml.

  2. Locate the API Configuration section ([api]).

  3. Change enable = false to enable = true.

    # Enable defines if the API server should be enabled.
  4. Optional: To enable Swagger, change swagger = false to swagger = true.

    # Swagger defines if swagger documentation should automatically be registered.
    swagger = true
  5. Restart.

Once restarted, the LCD will be available.

For more information about the XPLA Chain REST API endpoints, see the Swagger documentation.

For more information on configuring app.toml, see Configure General Settings.