Get Started

Use this beginner-friendly guide to start building on XPLA Chain.

Development Suite

Congrats! You have the basics down!

Now you can dive into the other tools in the XPLA Chain Development Suite. Visit the tool guide for more info.


Use xpla.js to create bots, power NFT mints, and for all-purpose back end services. Follow the xpla.js tutorial to get started.

Wallet Provider and Templates

If you have a back end for your app and want a front end to connect to XPLA Vault, use Wallet provider and XPLA Chain Templates. Follow the Wallet Provider Tutorial to get started.

Other Tools

XPLA Chain also provides other tools for building:

  • Explorer: XPLA Chain’s multi-purpose block explorer.
  • Faucet: Get tokens sent to your testnet address.
  • xplad: the node daemon and command line interface that connects to the XPLA Chain.